An exploration to push the limits of fully offgrid remote work

Exploring Limitless Power. Limitless Bandwidth

Hi, I’m DROdio, a tech entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. I’m so passionate about Inergy that I made this page to describe how I use their system + Starlink to achieve limitless power and limitless bandwidth. It completely unlocks the world for me — I can be productive from anywhere, globally. Now, you can as well — let me show you how.

Here’s My Story:

What’s coming: Limitless power and bandwidth

If you want to go deep on offgrid Starlink, read this sub-post:

Creating and Testing a Starlink Solar Powered Generator System

We’re on the cusp of the convergence of several megatrends that mean we’ll be able to work productively from anywhere. I’m already living that life. Here are some blog posts about what I see coming:

What's Coming: The Intersection of 4 Megatrends by 2025

Living the #vanlife with an Inergy solar generator means I can be an adventure dad, and provide amazing experiences for them. Here’s what I wrote about that:

Being an Adventure Dad

An incredible combo: Inergy + Solar + Starlink:

I’ve got an Inergy Flex 1500 with 600 amp hours of capacity. I use that system in my 4x4 Sprinter Van (this is my 4th Sprinter — here’s my build thread for the van). Since the power is modular and portable, I also use it in an off-grid casita as well. Here’s how I do that:

Create Your Own WFH Workspace for Under $5k

Going All-In on an Off Grid Workspace

Although the casita is in my back yard in California, with Starlink’s global internet service, it could now be placed anywhere. In a resort town in Montana. On the beach in Costa Rica. In the mountains in Spain. Literally anywhere.